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Are We There Yet?

Posted by Dirck on 3 November, 2011

I’m starting to toy with the idea of renaming this entity “Whining About the Endless Re-Write”.  I’m in a perilous zone of having enough in place that I could well put the doors open and scrub the soap off the windows, and most people wouldn’t mind the few little errors or missing links.  It’s mostly done.

But then I consider that there are a few little errors on almost every one of the (currently) 315 pages that go to make up the site, and the cumulative effect of so many tiny mistakes can be enough to make up a picture of one big idiot.  A website can never really be said to be complete, any more than a human ever finishes changing, so I’m not considering it in the same light as I would something going off to a printer.  However, pursuing the human analogy a little, there is some difference between the constant turn-over of hair and skin cells and a leaping into the world before a nose has been grown.

My point here is that I am as sick of the production phase as any three of you out there, and just as anxious for me to have anything else to rattle on about here.  Take that as the context to this statement; I think I’ll have enough time over the weekend to generate the last of the missing material, through photography, scanning and photoshopping, and then it’s just a matter of sticking it in the remaining gaping sockets I’ve left.  Once that socket-stuffing is complete, there will be a breif wrestle with the internet itself to put the site into public view.  That shouldn’t take more than another week altogether, right?

“May no new thing arise” is my prayer for the moment.  Updates to follow, but ideally very few of them.

Today’s slightly frustrated pen: TWSBI 540
Today’s ink: Herbin Vert Empire


3 Responses to “Are We There Yet?”

  1. I would like to say a few things that may sound encouraging but are also true.

    1- No piece of writing will every be error free. This is something one must accept after due diligence.
    2- By that point, few of the errors that remain will be noticed by anyone other than you.
    3- This problem is called (in the words of W. Zinsser) the “tyranny of the finished product.” It is evil and prevents more decent writing from making its way into the world than it is worth thinking about.

    • He’s not of the shellac magnate Zinssers, is he? Complaining about finishes would be the height of irony.

      I get your point, and I certainly have the necessary respect for “good enough”, especially in a format like a website where the “published” is still extremely plastic. However, a willingness for the the (sic) occasional little typo is one thing, while something like Chaos marked the 1937 opening of the Utah ink mine {INSERT PICTURE} tends to jar.

      • Actually, he is the scion of that clan. I know him from his popular “On Writing Well.” This is one of the handbooks of the non-fiction writing (along with Strunk and White).

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