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Posted by Dirck on 19 October, 2011

I was contemplating the current state of hand-writing earlier this morning.  I was brought to this by yet another in a long series of nigh-indecipherable items of inter-office communication at The Regular Job.  There’s a lot of forms here filled out by hand, and many of those pass through my hands, which increasingly tremble with rage and frustration.

Communication.  At the base of this word, etymologically speaking, is “making common.”  If there’s only one person in the world who can read it, then it’s not getting shared and it’s not communication.  If the person who wrote it can’t make it out, then it’s not even data storage, and why are they bothering?  I’m not concerned about printing vs. modified italic vs. Palmer vs. D’Nealian vs. whatever; the problem doesn’t lie in the particular form of the writing, but in the lack of basic motor skills.  The title of this entry is an effort to do in a typeface what many of my co-workers manage with a pen; make something that is almost a word, but also almost a different word.  Frequently this word turns out to include some numbers.  I can’t quite work out whether the problem lies in lack of application to the physical task, an actual organic inability (although none of them, to my knowledge, have recently been forced to start writing with their feet), or an unwillingness to understand that it’s not the act of making the marks but the actual shape of the marks that matters.

A mere rant.  A use of the internet as a valve to release the pressure growing in my skull before my ears shoot off.  I now return to the proofreading of the new site, so I may avoid hypocrisy charges.

Today’s pen: Sheaffer Lifetime 1750 (a once and future Imperial VI)
Today’s Ink: Diamine Steel Blue

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