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Posted by Dirck on 13 October, 2011

I was reading this blog yesterday, and while I’m not entirely in accord with the author (I could not describe my hat-wearing as entirely functional, and I think the frock-coats some of the goth kids affect are rather splendid), I am in general agreement regarding the state of dress in the world today.  I was musing on this last night on the descent into sleep, and it occured to me that one can say that a lot of what one sees in dress these days indicates a state of degeneracy.

I’m not using that word in a judgemental sense (entirely).  T-shirts, for example, are merely an early example of letting one’s underwear be seen by the world at large.  Degeneration, while burdened with a moral context, is really just a falling apart, and the latter half of the 20th century saw a great shedding of components from men’s everyday costume (women’s too, although they’ve a little more freedom of expression in that regard).  The slow descent of the waistband of the baggy jeans from waist to knee is just a late stage of the process which, if carried to its obvious conclusion will see rather more nudity in the world than we’re used to.

A friend who attends more closely than I to the trends of fashion, a highly-talented theatrical costumer, mentioned last week as she was marking up a suit she is kind enough to fit for me that the degeneration appears to be ending.  She sees more people under 25 wearing suits, and attributes it to a backlash against their parent’s unspeakable degree of slovenliness.  I hope this is true, although if it is, I may presently be accused of trying to dress like the kids.  “You’re not a youngster, buddy!  Put on a t-shirt and jeans!”

Today’s pen: Parker Super “21” (a recently-arrived early model, with a cap very much like the previous merely-mortal Mk.II “21”)
Today’s ink: Herbin Bleu Nuit.

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