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Posted by Dirck on 12 October, 2011

Last night I was, for the sake of whimsy, messing around with an Osmiroid copperplate point.  I had forgotten, once again, what a trial the Osmiroid feed can be.  One is never in danger of a blot of ink being thrown on the page, but one is frequently driven to the edge of dispair by random stoppages.  When the Great Work is concluded, I’m going to have to take that point unit apart and mess around with the feed channels a little (preceding statement is by a slightly-trained idiot; don’t try this at home).  The point itself is much more responsive than a similar Esterbrook unit, and I hate not to have free use of it for my Regency-era correspondence.

Today’s pen: Esterbrook Safari (months in the house, and I just now get brave enough to take it out for a run), with a 9461 Fine Manifold point mounted.
Today’s ink: Diamine Rustic Brown.


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