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Future Test Pilot

Posted by Dirck on 4 October, 2011

I was driving home last night, and a jabbering supermodel/actress crashed through the roof of my car, hollering “Mooltipass!”

Actually, that’s a fiction, but I did want to tie into a previous entry in which I made the sort of unguarded and absolute statement that the conditional nature of the universe hands out correction over.  “I haven’t tried it and I don’t like it,” in essence (this is the first of many distilled statements you’ll find here today), both here and over at the FPN, has been my statement about the now-released “5th mode of writing” Parker Ingenuity.

Yesterday, a retailer who is handling the same pen entered one of the threads where they politely and properly called us a pack of chauvinists.  “Your speculations are unfounded.  It’s not what you think,” they essentially said (told you). They then went on to suggest that they could supply three of us with the actual item, that we might abolish mere speculation and enter into an actual examination leading to a judgement of the pen upon its merits.  Through a completely unexpected act of good timing, I find myself one of the three lucky fountain pen jingoists in line to try the thing out and report to our peers.

Am I allowing myself to be a pawn in a small matter of viral marketing?  Possibly, but if so I’m doing it with eyes open (I chose to add that last link after considering this very question); at very least, there is a fair exchange of goods and services.  I am a fountain pen partizan, but I’m not a blinkered one.  An unexamined life is not worth living, and an untested opinion isn’t worth holding.  And who knows but that it will prove to be a transcendant writing experience?

Today’s pen, setting a pretty high bar: Waterman Carène
Today’s ink: Herbin’s Poussière de Lune

3 Responses to “Future Test Pilot”

  1. David said

    I look forward to your informed opinion!

  2. […] the Parker Ingenuity mentioned previously arrived on Friday, and I’ve spent the weekend making little marks on paper and running my […]

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