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Should I Be Seeing This?

Posted by Dirck on 28 September, 2011

I mentioned a while ago that I have a nice-looking and totally non-functional silver Eversharp pencil.  Well, I’ve been letting it soak in a light oil (the worst outcome of which, I’m told, is the dissolution of the leads and a subsequent toil of cleaning graphite/clay goo out of the interstices), and it loosened things up.  A great deal of twisting, crown in one direction, barrel t’other, and there was movement!  Moments later, I had this:


Here’s why I avoided biology classes in school.  I find the skinning of things alarming.  Happily, with a writing implement, there’s not much in the way of grue.  What the oil soak accomplished was to release the nose cone, which has a major role in keeping the insides inside.  The crown remains firmly mated to the inner portion, and soaking proceeds anew.  I’ll also mention that the clip looks rather sprung because it’s normally held in place by the inner tube.

Today’s pen: Parker Moderne
Today’s ink: Diamine Majestic Blue


2 Responses to “Should I Be Seeing This?”

  1. I’m glad to see you have tried your hand at repairing these things. I have a soft spot for mechanical pencils, largely on account of my constant use of them for making marginal notes in reading. I have a pair of Muji aluminum mechanicals that I use constantly.

    • I think the fact that I’ve run into so many broken mechanical pencils in my life disposed me against them… plus the fact that the propel/repel/expel types that were most popular in the ’40’s and ’50’s utterly baffle my understanding. There is at least the beginning of comprehension with these Eversharps.

      I still haven’t freed that crown, though.

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