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Posted by Dirck on 22 September, 2011

I’m taking brief advantage of my public pulpit here to point some attention at a good cause.  A friend of a friend of an acquaintence (and I am indeed counting on my fingers at this point) works with feral cats, and over the past weekend suffered an electrical fire in the garage she kept all the her cat-wrangling equipment.  The garage was mostly destroyed, along with the contents; those contents included, alas, a few cats that were in for recovery from de-gendering.

The friend of the acquaintance has a fund-raising enterprise on Etsy, which I want to direct people’s attention to.  So, if you want to support people who try to reduce suffering amongst feral cats and get some rather cute little folk-art for around the house, check out Marjoram’s Colony.

Today’s pen: Eversharp Skyline
Today’s ink: Lamy blue-black

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