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Banner Day!

Posted by Dirck on 15 September, 2011

I’m going to break into my combative struggle to make sense of a certain pen maker’s catalogue over at the Great Work to announce that I am now, officially, a pen geek.

“That,” I hear the world at large say, “is hardly news.”

Well, yes, the great mound of fountain pens in the house and the hundreds of man-hours applied to their study does seem indicative of the title, but now I have proof beyond doubt.  In my mailbox last night, there lay a… copy of “Pennant” magazine!

“Big deal.”

Ok, fine.  But consider for a moment; a physical, paper magazine which is an organ of an association of people dedicated to the study of writing instruments.  That, folks, is the indisputable mark of someone who is just a little too interested in their hobby.  It’s a good thing I’m already married.  I am now able to occupy my time in doctor’s offices and air terminals, reading some even more devoted stylologist’s examination of the minutiae of the field.  I am marked, as clearly as by any heraldry, as one of those sort of people. All I need now is a plume (de ma tante) for my helm, and no windmill is safe.

Today’s pen: Waterman 52
Today’s ink: Pelikan 4001 Brilliant Brown

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