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Posted by Dirck on 14 September, 2011

I read this morning on a blog of someone whose thoughts I appreciate that they’re off for a bit due to a fatal illness in the family.  Up to the point where my response became verbal, it was entirely appropriate empathy, but the words that formed in my head indicate that I need to consider some professional help.

“I hope it’s nothing serious.”

Really?  I hope if I ever actually blurt something like that out, I get an appropriate beating.  I’ll certainly have earned one.

Today’s pen, ideally less asinine than its user: Parker 65
Today’s ink, not used without careful deliberation: Herbin’s Bleu Myosotis


2 Responses to “Self-Diagnostic”

  1. Oh dear…

    It’s now a family joke, but some years ago, a day or two after my mother passed away, I answered the phone at home to a telephone solicitor asking to speak to her. My response? “I’m sorry, she’s no longer alive; may I take a message?”

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