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Posted by Dirck on 9 September, 2011

I have only just applied links to the Tuesday and Thursday entries.  Why the delay?  Well, since I’m running up new pictures for the Great Work, and since I intend once the Great Work is concluded to go back through this affair and relay the links to pen pages (a Lesser Work, if you will), I’m unwilling to simply link to the old pages anymore.  It makes extra work, and leads people to looking at some staggeringly sub-par pictures.  By applying the new pictures, I feel I have an out on remaking links.

{edit from 2012; since future-me has now gone through and updated all the links to attach to the right pages on the new site, this entry is even more pointless than it was when it was originally entered}

Today’s pen: Pilot Elite
Today’s ink: Wancher Matcha (the green one)


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