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What Kind of a Man are You?

Posted by Dirck on 30 August, 2011

…or woman.  The question I’ll briefly pursue is not really gender based.

I was stewing about the choice of pen for today, and it struck me that I have used a lot of Parkers lately, especially if one includes the Parker-inspired objects of China Week recently past.  Am I, I briefly wondered, a Parker man?

I don’t know about outside North America, but people here get very tribal about their automobile.  Someone in the Ford camp has trouble speaking to a Chrysler owner civilly, or a GM owner goes to the effort of applying to his vehicle a decal of an unlicenced cartoon figure befouling the trademarks of others.  I have some knowledge that, in ages past at least, this sort of thing went on about pens.  I can imagine the ostracism that would fall upon someone seen writing with a Sheaffer in Janesville, Wisconsin….

Reflecting on this, I think I have the Parker thing is a bit of a subconscious attention-grab.  That arrow-shaped clip announces to the casual observer that there’s something more than the common pen (as currently understood) down the pocket.  From a function standpoint, I’m still a generalist.

But I expect a week or two of going perfectly stupid at pen-choosing time, denying any possibility of Parker just so the others don’t feel bad.

Today’s pen: Parker Falcon 50 (but it looks so neat!)
Today’s ink: Herbin Perle Noir


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