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Addictions, Managable and Dangerous

Posted by Dirck on 25 August, 2011

Yesterday, my watch stopped running.  It’s an undistinguished item, not bottom-rung in value but it certainly wouldn’t get badly hurt if it slipped off the ladder, and yet I paid enough for it that I feel it’s worth getting a new battery installed.  Like pens, I do not believe in disposeable watches.

There is a jewellery shop which does this sort of work convenient to my usual lunch march, and I have just returned from there.  I am going to have to go back in the near future to retrieve it.  This may be a problem.

Others have commented on a high correlation of pen fancying and watch fascination.  It’s probably something to do with appreciation of craftsmanship on a very fine scale.  This is something I have noted in myself, and I have to date suppressed it.  The situation was not improved by the presence of a small card saying “20% off” between a pair of really pretty Bulova self-winding mechanical… but I’m on the way to digression.

The problem with allowing this interest in watches to get any real traction is that watches are expensive.  The casual reader may say, “This from a guy who thinks a $50 pen is a good deal?” and that is a fair comment, but there’s an order of magnitude in difference, especially when one cannot perform one’s own repairs.

The path of consideration I really don’t want to wander down is the one flanked by the knowledge that I took up pen repair to feed that particular back-clinging monkey and the awareness that the local environs are not exactly swarming with watch repair shops.  That’s a bad line of thought, not the least reason for which is the awareness of how angry I sometimes get at Snorkels and expanding that to the repacking of an unspooled main-springs.

Today’s pen: Sheaffer Admiral
Today’s ink: Camel royal blue


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