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Progress Report

Posted by Dirck on 22 August, 2011

Without any hard data, I shall make a precise-sounding guess: the new website is above 65% finished.  The final great hurdle, the decision whether to host images on-site or to abuse something like Photobucket, was passed this weekend with an examination of the actual storage available on the family server.  I’m pretty sure I can keep my demands below 10% of the space available, and there are not ten of us using it.

This means I am indeed inserting images into the already-written pages, and does away with a stupid mental block I’d faced myself with.  I speculate a completion before the end of September, and as I’m not in either government nor construction, I am actually confident about the new site appearing in public before pumpkins get carved, so long as I keep slugging away on it rather than this.  The problem with that approach is, of course, that by the time the new site is actually available I’ll have reduced anyone who might be interested to a bored torpor.

Today’s pen, not yet appearing on the new site: Waterman Crusader Taperite
Today’s ink: Herbin’s Violet Pensée


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