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There IS such a thing as “Too Skinny”.

Posted by Dirck on 19 August, 2011

Yesterday morning I was cleaning out the Parker 180 which appeared here last on August 4, having finally written down the cartridge enough (one of my beefs about cartridge pens, even the ones you refill yourself; commitment to a colour for a seeming eternity).  I was being a little over-studious in this task, as the first couple of hours of a day I’m not a cognitive giant–  My wife accuses me of being a morning person for my habit of rising slightly before 6:00, but this is merely to let my synapses build up the necessary forward inertia to function by the time function is demanded.  So, as pen-cleaning time began to turn into getting ready to leave the house time, I very carefully interleaved the tasks, so as not to leave any of the pen-cleaning apparatus on the play-table that has become the dominant feature of our living room.

Vessels of clean and dirty water to the kitchen.  Waistcoat and tie out of the back room.  Empty cartridge and syringes to their hiding places.  Tie around neck and Windsor-knotted.  Pen up from the very convenient wooden rail-bed (if I ever take my pens on the road, I’ll be hard pressed to find a better means of displaying them than Ikea, Thomas, and Plan City wooden railway sections) and into shirt pocket.  Socks!  I’ll definitely want socks.  And so forth.

Nine hours later, I return home, deposit a couple of bags of groceries into appropriate places, undo my waistcoat… and find the Parker 180 still in the shirt pocket.  I had neglected to put it in the kitchen pen repository* when I collected yesterday’s active pen from it.  I had also, thanks to it’s incredible slimness, never noticed that I had a second pen about me all the live-long day.  That’s a darn slender pen.

Today’s pen: Long Life hard rubber button-filling oddity
Today’s ink: Herbin’s Bleu Myosotis

* This is a “mail organizer”, an open-topped box with a drawer in the bottom offering seven stalls meant to hold pens.  The upper area may or may not be useful for mail, but is does hold a surprising number of ink bottles.  It may have to be retired for a while, though, as my son is starting to wonder that possible uses the contents could be put to.


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