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One More Thing….

Posted by Dirck on 18 August, 2011

…to quote Uncle from the occasionally engaging Jackie Chan Adventures.  I want to record one more of the ubiquitous Made In China purchases I’ve made recently; two pair of rather good shoes.

They are not the REALLY good shoes I wish for, as those require larger lumps of money than I can spend at once on anything that doesn’t have large glass windows as part of it, but they are rather good.  I got them because a local store which sells Rather Good clothing and whatnot was having a sale, and my current array of shoes are either falling apart from wear or don’t quite fit comfortably (despite my best efforts at pollyanna-ing).  The former condition stems from several years wear and initial cheapness, while the latter is a result of buying them in a thrift shop (which is only a step above, or possibly sideways from, stealing them off a corpse).

The small savings of the sale moved me to think of the false economy of spending very little on a quasi-disposeable shoe, as I’ve been doing for much of my adult life thanks to economic straits.  I can just barely afford to spend five times what I usually do on shoes, in the hope that they will last at least five times as long.

…and that’s why I’m making a point of writing about it here; a searchable version of a diary makes the “when the hell did I buy these things?!” question a lot easier to answer.  Look forward to a great expression of venom against a specific shoe-maker if either pair needs more than a simple re-soling in the next decade.

Today’s pen: Hero 100
Today’s ink: Sailor Jentle blue-black

2 Responses to “One More Thing….”

  1. […] on the bank balance than filling an otherwise impossible need.  Some time ago, I mentioned my splurging on shoes, and the long-term economy they would hopefully provide.  My own “small contrivances” […]

  2. […] is better than utter exhaustion doing it), so I offer a very brief look back at a past entry.  I mention in August of 2011 the purchase of two pair of relatively good shoes, and in it I mention the likelihood of venom […]

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