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Posted by Dirck on 15 August, 2011

I’ve been noticing something lately, and the past 48 hours has put enough of it in front of me that I it seems to call for comment.  Surely is says something about our culture that we’re seeing durable (theoretically) items produced to fool the observer into thinking that they’re disposable.  It seems to be mainly in the realm of drinking vessels, as the examples I have at the tips of my fingers are all of that category– reusable plastic cups that look exactly like what the Slurpee maching poops out, ceramic mugs designed to emulate the paper cups of a popular doughnut shop, right down to the white rolled rim (but the handle is a bit of a give-away).

The only thing I can make of it is that we are collectively beginning to feel acute embarrassment for the years of fling-it attitude, but are also embarrassed to be seen bucking that trend.  Very odd.  Hopeful, though, which is a nice change from the usual prospect of humanity.

Today’s obviously non-disposable pen: Long Life hard rubber button-filling oddity (even the name says it’s meant to stick around!)
Today’s expendible fluid: Herbin’s Bleu Myosotis


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