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Friday Free Time

Posted by Dirck on 12 August, 2011

Remember back  in grade school, on a late-season Friday afternoon, when the teacher would rattle a projector into the room and spool up something only marginally educational?  The unspoken social contract ran, “I’m tired, the weekend’s nearly here, and if you little brutes can manage to not set fire to one another for the next half hour or so we can all relax a little.”  In Canada, we had the extra joy of a possible NFB cartoon.

Well, it’s Friday, and in the spirit of the teacher I never got to be, here’s a little film.  It’s in German, but the pictures are comprehensible:

For you youngsters reading this, replace “projector” with “VCR”, or for the extremely tender “DVD player” and you’re set.

Today’s pen: the threatened Wahl Bantam (which is a ridiculously small pen; I’m glad I didn’t commit to it for more than a day)
Today’s ink: Herbin’s Vert Empire


2 Responses to “Friday Free Time”

  1. SheilaM said

    Great video; thanks for posting it!

    I must admit I was a tad bit distracted with wondering how the women in the video who work with their hands all day like that manage to have such perfect manicures, while I can never manage such a feat…;-D

    • That’s funny, because I found myself thinking, “Well, leaving the nails aside, this is clearly not a hand model.” Those are the knuckles of someone who’s seen some of life.

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