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Chained Down

Posted by Dirck on 10 August, 2011

I am not wearing a waistcoat today, as it’s well and truely sultry out.  I am, however, still thinking about Monday’s pen.  At one point, I had an experimental try at writing with it posted, the cap still chained to my chest.  I can report that this is not an impossible feat, but the various geometries of the act rended it nervous-making.

Today, I remembered why this seemed a resonant act.  In Europe in the… I think 13th or 14th century, one found images of knights with various bits of their kit chained to their chests, usually sword, helmet and dagger.  These were a very burly incarnation of dummy-strings, ensuring that as one galloped about the field of combat, one would not find a moment’s looseness of grip resulting in a perilously growing distance between one’s self and stuff one really, really needs close at hand.  I remember now, looking at images of this sort of thing, and being unable to decide whether it would he very convenient or deeply inconvenient to have such lengths of chain draped about during a fight, but as I’ve never owned the right sort of armour to try it with, I never investigated directly.

The pen experience suggests it was a practice which fell out of fashion for a reason.

In other news:  Why are you messing around idly reading this nonsense?  The upgraded TWSBI Diamond is on sale!  In England, too!  I’m writing this nonsense as I’m smug in already having put my order in.  It’s not the highly-awaited vacuum-filler, but a moderately improved version of the pen I was very enthusiastic about last year, and as Diamonds of any sort have been out of stock for a while, it’s something to get excited about.

Today’s pen: Parker 17 Lady (continuing the short week theme, without a tether; and yes, I’m quite secure in my masculinity, thanks)
Today’s ink: Herbin’s Lie de Thé


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