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Posted by Dirck on 20 June, 2011

This past weekend I was in at Paper Umbrella, feeding the stationery habit.  I had filled today’s pen ahead of the visit, as the last time I was in I was asked how I was enjoying it and I thought I might show that I’m enjoying it very much.  While there, I saw that there was one in the display case– as is so often the case, I’d forgotten why I’d chosen the day’s pen in the first place, and was reminded to pull it from pocket and wave it about.

The sharp-eyed store owner noticed that my pen was not the same colour as the one in the case.  We laid them side by side to compare, and mine is a good deal darker.  I had heard about the not very correctly named “patination” of this pen, of how it adopts a bit of a warm sheen from prolonged use, and was anxious to see mine start to get into that state.  I guess it’s like any slow process– you don’t notice it’s happened until you get some pre-existing benchmark to measure against.  When the mail strike allows, I shall have to ask a correspondent how his 30+ year old example looks. 

For my readers, or at least those within swimming distance of Regina, the important thing to take out of this entry is that Paper Umbrella has the Lamy 2000 in stock!

Today’s pen, containing a little bit of my own skin-oils: Lamy 2000
Today’s ink: Pelikan 4001 Brilliant Brown

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