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Learning How to Learn

Posted by Dirck on 14 June, 2011

Because the most interesting thing I got up to in the past twenty-four hours was get a start on cataloguing the ink volumes of my pens, I’m going to cop out today and just offer a link I think is worth reading.  I will, however, first justify myself in this strange pastime– I don’t particularly care how much ink any given pen holds, but someone might, and I’m trying to anticipate desires for data.  It’s early days yet, but I can report that it’s a rare pen indeed that holds more than 1.5ml.

The link, then, and I think it’s worth reading in part because of an ongoing semi-strike by the local teachers’ union:  School libraries are important, not for what’s in them but because of the skills learned in using them.  A high school metal-shop doesn’t turn out a lot of useful iron-mongery, but no one complains about that because the kids are learning how to weld, cinter, and extinguish small fires– libraries are much the same.

Today’s scholarly pen: Sheaffer 440
Today’s well-travelled ink: Pilot Iroshizuku Shin-Ryoku (“deep forest”)

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