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Posted by Dirck on 27 May, 2011

I got a call yesterday, while crouching in my revetment at The Regular Job.  A young lady had been given the number by my wife, who was seeking help with a pen repair.

“Oh-ho!” says the interior voice.  “A local commission!”

The problem is that the point of her Swarovski pen won’t come out.

Swarovski?  Not coming out?  That means… a ball-point!  I confirmed this assumption, apologized that my expertise lay in fountain pens and that as far as the propellor in a pen like that goes I’m little better than anyone she might grab off the street.

However, since she had in fact made the effort to seek out a pen repairer, and I was no worse than random passers-by, I offered to have a look at it.  Free of charge, success or no.  I don’t believe I shouted over the howling of my interior voice at the prospect of prolonged exposure to a ball-point.

Who knows?  It might teach me something about pen mechanisms, and from a purely mercenary standpoint it helps with word of mouth however it shakes out.  Since the nation is in the grip of a far-right government, I won’t for a moment suggest that I would make an attempt to help a stranger with a problem through a sense of social responsibility….

Today’s pen, made in a profit-sharing factory:  Sheaffer Sovereign
Today’s ink, from France:  Herbin Vert Empire

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