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More of the Same

Posted by Dirck on 25 May, 2011

Continuing the good news/bad news action from yesterday:

The former– Website updates entirely recovered with less than an hour’s effort, and I know what to do next time.  I’ve also backed up, and will make rather more of a habit of it.

The latter– Apart from the return to very terse entries here for the forseeable (a direct consequence of my success), I have intelligence that Pelikan is not going to send their blue-black ink into the US anymore.  This is apt to affect Canada as well, as we’re frequently seen as a single market, and is apparently predicated on there being a chemical in it which is not on the big list of chemicals the US considers innocuous for importation.  So, one assumes we individual consumers might still get it via mail order from that hotbed of chemical lawlessness, the European Union.  No other inks, Pelikan or otherwise, are known to be affected.

Today’s pen, growing thirsy through mere sympathy:  Cross Century II Medalist
Today’s ink, reputed to be made by Pelikan: Cross black

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