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Victoria Day Victory!

Posted by Dirck on 24 May, 2011

Another Friday absence  and a Monday off.  You’ll begin to think me dilatory.  Friday was a son-related medical outing which I had mostly convinced myself wasn’t happening (the recent election of a far-right national government seems to be agitating our unions), and when it did eventuate I had nothing ready and no time to fill in.  Yesterday was the oddly prolonged observation of the birthday of Queen Victoria, and no work means no entry.

Before (click any image to enlarge)

No work? Well, no Regular Job. I used the time thus freed to work on my website update, to get today’s pen back in working shape, and to finish up a client’s pen.

I found, in point of fact, that there was a little bit of a problem with the seal between the capillary casing and the collector, which was allowing seepage to emerge between the casing and the connector.  This obliged me to dismantle the pen rather more than one likes to do with a 61 (because it puts stresses on the shell and the shell is, reputedly, just waiting for an excuse to explode into fragments).  Nothing untoward occured, and it allowed me to take a nice picture for my album of dissections and made rather easier the reshaping of the shell’s leading edge.


The final result, achieved with a replacement arrowhead which I did not make, and which thus was of the correct dimensions, is pleasing.  Unfortunately, because I don’t have complete control of the lighting (I freely admit my limitations as a photographer) it’s hard to see the difference in body shine between the before and after pictures.  You’ll just have to take my word that the pocket tumbling evidence is greatly reduced. 


The final item is actually a balancing of all this achievement, a buffer against greater penalties for hubris.  The website updating, into which many man-hours have been plowed, has for the moment vanished utterly.  I managed to click on the button reading “Upgrade to 3.1.2 Automatically” when I was thinking, “That’s a good idea, AFTER I’ve backed everything up.”  That’s why this entry is so much longer than those in the past couple of weeks.  Looking at the WordPress help forum, there is some hope that this is a mere transient access issue rather than an erasing of vast swaths of content, but I am keeping my expectations low to avoid a crushing.

Today’s pen, at last working:  Wyvern BB
Today’s ink:  Pelikan 4001 blue-black

2 Responses to “Victoria Day Victory!”

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  2. […] Name} give me the link to your website.  He’s thrilled with your work {which I mention here} and said you a pleasure to deal with. We distribute Parker and Waterman pens. I send all repairs […]

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