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Camels Arriving in the Post

Posted by Dirck on 19 May, 2011

Well– Camel inks.  I got a couple of bottles, along with some Chelpark inks… which appear to not have their own website. Both are manufactured in India, and as they’re profoundly not available here the chance at a lot containing some of both was one I jumped at.

I’m struck by how similar the Chelpark bottle is to previous generations of Quink, including a mysterious science ingredient.  Chelpark has “Cleen-X”, which claims to clean one’s pen in four ways, just like Parker’s “Solv-X”.  I’m also interested to see that in naming the additive as they have, they aren’t just invoking the vanished Parker ingredient, but also a facial tissue.  “I could use some Cleen-X” starts to become very context reliant….

Today’s pen: Sheaffer Legacy
Today’s ink: Herbin’s Poussière de Lune

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