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No Friday Entry?

Posted by Dirck on 16 May, 2011

Nope.  I was on the road, taking my son to see a friend a great distance away:

Yes, that’s Thomas concealed by those spindly little trees.  This past weekend, Sodor was a mere 8oo kilometers away (manifesting at the Calgary Heritage Park) and I’m fool enough to devote a whole weekend to a fifteen minute ride on a train my son is probably not old enough to hold the memory of.

I’m also not fool enough to try to cram any pen-related activities into the same weekend.

Today’s pen, lounging about the house recovering from the long drive:  Dollar Demonstrator
Today’s ink:  Herbin’s Perle Noir

3 Responses to “No Friday Entry?”

  1. Tim Collins said

    I’m sure the look on your son’s face made it all worthwhile. I’m a veteran of a Thomas ride myself.


    • After he overcame the slight overcast of having one’s sense of what’s real and what’s make-believe shaken, it was worth thrice the effort at very least. We plan a repeat when he’s older and more likely to remember any little bit of it.

  2. […] pictures of my son’s favourite locomotive, seemingly this on the strength of this entry and that one. I don’t get it.  Surely I can’t be that close to the top of the search […]

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