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Posted by Dirck on 6 May, 2011

I fill in my short Friday entry with a cause.  Apparently Harper-Collins wants to limit e-books bought by libraries to cease to exist upon the 26th lending, and I have a link to a petition to tell them that this is a bad idea.

I understand the motivation behind it.  Actual books wear out eventually and need replacing, while an e-book, whatever else its faults, can survive as long as the media it is stored upon.  Harper-Collins makes money on selling new books.  The logic is obvious.  However… are the books, the actual paper books which they’re issuing today of such flimsy construction that they’ll fall apart entirely once twenty-six people have read it?  I really don’t think so, and it appears I’m not alone.

Poor show, Harper-Collins.  Apart from this petition, I should note that this move is actually cutting into their profits, as libraries are boycotting them.  I hope they smarten up before they do themselves an economic injury.

Today’s indignant pen: Parker Vacumatic
Today’s ink: Herbin’s Éclat de Saphir

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