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How Deep Before We Reach “Clinical”?

Posted by Dirck on 3 May, 2011

I’m too despondent to rise from my bed.

Well, not quite.  I am in fact perched on my seat at The Regular Job, but have no energy to discorse on my usual topics.  I have once in the past managed to entertain a clinical depression for a few months, and this is not quite the same sensation.  In addition to the melancholia there’s a perfectly inexpressible anger (and I use the adjective quite specifically– if I could express it, I might dissipate it).  What I am experiencing is an almost perfect example of a maladaptive fight/flight response, the body damaging itself in a primitive reaction to a modern terror.  The threat is too nebulous and big to fight, particularly in the tooth’n’nail way my glands are urging, and too universal in its ramifications to flee from at all. 

It’s the election, and I promise I won’t go on about it here again, but today it’s all I’ve got.  Here’s the results, with percentage of vote followed by the number of seats that vote produces in parliament.

  • CON 39.6%  (167 seats)
  • NDP 30.6% (102 seats)
  • LIB 18.9%   (34 seats)
  • BLOC 6%      (4 seats)
  • GREEN 3.9% (1 seat)
  • IND. 0.4%
  • OTHER 0.5%

I have some serious issues with the Westminster system in this regard– under 40% of the vote gets your party an unshakeable majority.  My dolor stems from the past actions of the winning party, which I will summarize as “YES to giant spending on the military and prisons, NO to environmental protection and a public sector services!” — rather an inversion of Canada as I’ve experienced it to date– and upon which there are now no effective brakes.

I’m cranky because I think I’ve heard doom spoken for my nation.

I sure hope I’m wrong.  Business as usual here tomorrow.

Today’s pen: Byers & Hayes Pencil-Quill
Today’s ink: Pelikan 4001 black

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