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Greatly Exaggerated

Posted by Dirck on 27 April, 2011

While I am not infatuated with them to the nigh-clinical degree I am with fountain pens, I have a rather soft spot in my heart for the noble typewriter. I have two in the house, one a “portable” from the 1940s with its own cast-iron carrying case and the other (a gift from a friend) lying under a dust-cover emblazoned Dominion of Canada, on whose keyboard the 1/! key is replaced with a £/® key– for those who wonder how a government could operate without the initial digit or exclamation, I will mention that for a typewriter the difference between l and 1 is purely one of context and that government documents tend towards the unemphatic.

It was therefore with some sadness that I saw a link from a Facebook cohort which declared:
Last Typewriter Factory in the World Shuts Its Doors

Isn’t that a sad thing?  Won’t the Typosphere be beside itself with grief?

However, a short time later, what should drift past my face but…
Relax, They’re Still Making Typewriters

Relief!  The typewriters in question are, of course, electric, and thus lack the charm of the all-mechanical artifacts of steel and rubber.  Still, they’re not gone from the world.

The lesson I (re-)learn here, and am anxious to share with the world is that the internet is a mere tool, one with awkward handles and hinges in unexpected places, and must be used with care if alarming and misleading results are to be avoided.

THE ONLY PEN LEFT ON EARTH!!! Parker Challenger Slender 
The poison juice from inside a golf ball: Wancher Imari

post scriptus– I wonder, on reflecting, whether the factory in the intial story wasn’t making mechanical rather than electric machines, and if the story might not, in a limited way, be true.  I’ve neither the time nor the resources to shake the trees of fact-checking to find out, alas.

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