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Posted by Dirck on 21 April, 2011

I’m not talking pens nor any of my other usual hobby-horses today, but rather about the act of being online.  A wretched meta-entry.

I’ve hinted here and there that I’m planning on doing a pretty substantial upgrade of my rickety old website, as I find the ease of banging together page using the Bleriot-Babbage-Fulton software I’m currently using is not longer outweighing the want of flexibility in the presentation.  Against the efforts to make my online presence less antique (except by conscious effort, or course) is the fact that I don’t have a ton of time to devote to learning new interfaces.  I had some great time ago mentioned trying to accomplish this feat via the iWeb software that came in my wee Macintosh, but that is a fine proof of the power of having no time to prevent forward motion.  I think it might be a good way to tap out a website, but the amount of time I have to put into it leaves me with a sense not really improving things and it takes a lot of threats and weeping to convince it to post the results anywhere but an Apple-owned server.

A little while ago, my brother suggested that I have a look at… WordPress!  This was very promising, given the amount of online support, the open-source nature of it, and the fact that thanks to the piles of entries I’ve made right here I’m at least passingly familiar with the interface.  Last weekend I downloaded the software, thinking that if I’m improving the state of the photographic art I might as well try to get an entire makeover in hand.

And hesitated.  I was, I think I’ve said, an early adopter.  I had one of the first calculator-watches the 1980s offered.  The past decade or two, though, I find myself less in a hurry to embrace newfound technology, as it seems a form of the sort of crazy French girlfriend one sees in some films who rushes intermittently into one’s life promising ecstasy only to set fire to one’s wardrobe before running off with an equally deranged Spanish dance instructor.  I hesitated.  It was not a coherently-considered hesitation, although it has given me a chance to get a new exterior hard-drive to back up my site and computer’s files before any headlong diving.

I therefore found myself breathing a sigh of deepest relief when, asking why I couldn’t get at my brother’s WordPress-based commercial site, I was told that the enterprise had collapsed in a pretty catastrophic way because the host’s servers had some kind of issue with WordPress.  Not the sort of thing I wanted to experience for myself, frankly, and although brother reassures me that my site (which he arranges the hosting for) is in different and less stumble-prone hands, I’m glad to have waited for the Great Backing Up.  I am, in fact, reminded of a joke on the subject.

The Great Backing Up is set to proceed tomorrow, it being a holiday (and, if you’ve looked at the joke, a rather appropriate one).  The next entry will come on Monday.

Today’s pen: Waterman Crusader
Today’s ink: Diamine Rustic Brown

4 Responses to “Metacognition”

  1. ooo – that Waterman Crusader is a very interesting look pen. Good luck with the Great Backing Up.

    • This is one of those non-timely responsed we blogging folks are warned against; my timely response didn’t take, it seems, and I didn’t have a chance to follow up promptly. GBU is accomplished, and now the only impediment is some behind-the-scenes super-secret stuff that will allow WordPress and my IP to interact. My brother has a pivotal role in this, as he’s the one who actually laid on the site, and he’s quite occupied with getting the aforementioned commercial site both resurrected and moved to a less butter-fingered host.

  2. Palimpsest said

    Hahaha, Jesus saves!

  3. […] little while ago I was mentioning The Great Backing Up as a necessary preliminary to reworking the website.  I actually managed this over the weekend.  […]

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