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The Hazards of Parenthood

Posted by Dirck on 20 April, 2011

My son is having… night-time disruptions of some sort.  I hesitate at “nightmares” because he’s not able to explain the problem.  I certainly wouldn’t say “night terrors” because whatever it is, it’s not actually waking him up.  It may be eczema flare-ups.  Whatever it is, it moves him to make enough of a noise of infant dismay to bring his parents to consciousness, and for long enough that we can’t say, “Oh, heck, he’s gone back to sleep,” and actually drag ourselves into action to see what the problem is.

The upshot:  very very little sleep last night.  How this affects your life is that all I can think of as a topic for today’s entry is the decanting of some J. Herbin inks from their bottles which seem to oppose pen-filling into other manufacturer’s ink bottles.  I am alert enough to be aware of exactly how interesting a detailed description of pouring coloured fluid from one vessel to another is, especially when the effort is completely unopposed by man, beast or the Fates, and will say no more on the topic other than to mention that there’s a good reason to hold onto old ink bottles if you fancy Herbin inks.

Nine hours until I can reasonably try sleeping again.  No assurance that the same results won’t obtain.  Oh, dear.

Today’s pen (and thank goodness I’m not trying to make that selection daily any more): Sheaffer Junior
Today’s ink (not one of the transferees): Herbin’s Poussière de Lune

2 Responses to “The Hazards of Parenthood”

  1. Andrew Vaisius said

    I have five children (way past infant, though it seems like yesterday)so empathetic regards. “Toothpicks to hold the eyelids open” doesn’t sound torturous when one is on call. Anything that works is welcomed.

    But about the J. Herbin – It is a cubical bottle, so if you balance one corner on the table with the help of the fountain pen’s nib, and lever away with the other hand’s fingers you can almost get some ink into the stick…or at least as much as you get on your fingers & table top. It is a kind of sport I think.
    Best to you

    • The problem with the Herbin bottles is one more of neck design and overall depth. One the bottle’s down to about 1/3 full, there’s very few pens that can get at the ink in the corners when the bottle is en pointe because of the long’n’narrow neck on the bottle obstructing the angle, and almost no open-point pens that can sink deep enough to fill well (we’ll ignore oddities like C-S Dinkies, Peter Pans, and Wahl Bantams) even if they can get at the ink. The only pens I know than can really deal with Herbin bottles are the various hooded Parkers and Sheaffer’s diverse Snorkel-fillers.

      …which are, of course, also the best pens to address the last 2ml in any bottle.

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