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Coming Around the Last Turn….

Posted by Dirck on 31 March, 2011

…or, if we’re honest, gone around the bend long since.  I’ve made no secret of the distance between “thinks this much about pens” and “normal cognitive processes.”

Ten Pens You Can (probably) Afford And Might Not Hate

7. Sheaffer Cartridge Pen.  The pen with no name!  Sometimes described as a Skripsert (which was applied, by Sheaffer, to just about anything that took a cartridge), they’re almost the VW Beetle of fountain pens in North America.  Made through four decades, with small variations in the body shape, there’s a ton of them out in the world, and they were never expensive to begin with– if you can’t find one for less than $10, you can probably find one in a lot of low-end pens on eBay for not much more than $10.  Like the Beetle, it doesn’t do much more than the very thing it was built to do, but extremely reliably.

Why you’ll like it:  Easy to find Sheaffer cartridges, easy to convert to eyedropper filling, easy to replace if you manage to lose it.

Why you won’t like it: It’s not a raving beauty.  There’s few converters to fit it.  Some kid really chewed up the end in 1968.

8. Sheaffer No Nonsense.  This is almost the same pen with a bigger barrel; the feed and point are pretty much the same, although this one had some calligraphy italic versions available.  Rather more variations than yesterday’s Parker entry on the list, but with rather fewer taunting luxury models.  While a more recent model than the earliest of the Cartridge/Skripsert line, the lines are almost exactly those of the flat-tops of the 1920s.  The less exalted versions can be found for much the same prices as the previous item, but if you look on eBay you’ll probably find them mis-described as “vintage old flat-top shaeffers”.

Why you’ll like it:  Easy to find Sheaffer cartridges, easy to convert to eyedropper filling, easy to replace if you manage to lose it…. gosh, this sounds familiar.  Much easier to get a modern converter to go into one.

Why you won’t like it:  Slightly nervous tabbed-in clip, almost too big to fit in a shirt pocket, may lead to people pointing and shouting “23 skidoo!”

Today’s pen: Quill 700
Today’s ink: Herbin’s Vert Empire

2 Responses to “Coming Around the Last Turn….”

  1. sophie_vf said

    I’m really enjoying this little series! And a bit abashed to realize I have 4 out of 8 so far – I like inexpensive, sturdy pens. The No-Nonsense with the italic nib was my very first fountain pen and I still have the one I got when I was 12. I decline to say how old it is now 🙂

    • Well, thank you. There’s no harm in admitting to the No Nonsense, of course, as they weren’t made prior to 1969– at worst, you’re limiting how old you may be.

      There’s also no harm in not having a Hero 616.

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