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Alcohol Ink

Posted by Dirck on 24 March, 2011

For a change, I’m not doing a bit of clever word play which combines my enjoyment of fountain pens and liquour.  These are, make no mistake, things I do enjoy, but apart from the odd (extra-)incoherent letter I try to keep these two aspects of my life well separated.

My wife is working at expanding her jewellry-making by creating some of the stuff she slings on necklaces and ear-rings herself rather than buying it.  In this pursuit, she has stumbled upon alcohol ink as a means of adding colour to certain plastics and ceramics.  This stumbling initially took the form of slide-long mentionings of the stuff without any real explanation– the authors of what she was reading apparently assumed that if you were looking at their stuff you already have the context necessary.  She asked me, reasonably enough, if I had any.

My response:  “Wh….uh?  That’s a thing now?”

Apparently so, and after a bit of research we both now know what it is.  My only reason for commenting on it is that it’s got the word “ink” in it, which makes me interested, and “alcohol” which gives me concern.  I’ve mentioned in other places, and perhaps even in back-issues here, that alcohol is rather bad for your fountain pen.  It can dissolve internal parts and afflict finishes.  I mention it here so I can mention that you should not use it in your fountain pen, despite the fact that some of the commercial preparations (which I do not endorse, having never used it) have really nice looking colours.

As a concluding non sequitur, I’m going to mention a site I’ve just spotted today– The Impossible Project is a group producing film for the old Polaroid cameras, with the stated intention of preventing the necessary disposal through uselessness of as many as 300,000,000 otherwise functional cameras.  Given my own love of keeping “obsolete” techology functional, I can but applaud them, even though I have no more use for their film than I do for alcohol ink.

Today’s alcohol-free pen: Parker VS
Today’s non-intoxicating ink: Noodler’s La Couleur Royale

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