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Winning Stupid

Posted by Dirck on 22 March, 2011

I promised a funny story, but I did not promise it would be uproariously funny.  If I follow the “Ha-Ha” vs. “Ho-ho” school of thought, it is possibly “Ho…” funny, but more likely “Oh.”  I was getting myself ready for the week, pen wise, by looking at the big Roster of Unused Pens.  After working out the choices for the week, I then attended to the actual needs of the day.

Picture if you will, a vast inverted ziggurat of composed of tiny objects, held together with sticky notes all reading DON’T FORGET THIS (MONDAY!).  By a nearly superhuman effort, I got all of the things I needed to remember out the door with me.

Except my pen, which I had put down after filling.

Can you imagine?  A guy like me, leaving his pen behind?  Merely neglecting it?  I don’t even have last week’s excuse of painful influenza.  I am deeply worried about my neurotransmitters.

The result was a day of using the Hero 616, a pen I keep on my desk at The Regular Job to offer passers-by who ask to borrow a pen; if they break it, I’m out a couple of dollars, and if they like it, I’m not too worried about giving it away.  I have never used this pen for such a long time, and contrary to my usual behaviour (see yesterday’s entry), I am not going to complain about it.  It is a very cheap pen, but with that taken into account it is a perfectly acceptable item.  At no point did I stop short and contemplate the pen’s performance, good, poor, or otherwise.  But for this odd lapse of mine, I would not have applied myself to this very humble pen for so very long.

This is one of those times that finding oneself triumphant in victory or despondent in defeat is purely a matter of perception.  I could have spend the past… (looks down)… 285 words complaining about being cast upon a miserable lesser pen, but instead I choose to call it a win in being reminded that a cheap pen (cheeeeeeaaap!) made with a little attention can be nice enough.The irony of that discovery coming on the same day I spread so much vitriol about a crappy cheap pen is delicious, is it not?

It’s a lesson that should carry over into other parts of the day, too.  Many of our defeats and discomfitures are so only because we choose to treat them that way, and we’d be a much happier bunch if we could see the up-side, like the little old Japanese woman I heard interviewed who said of the recent earthquake that it was, radiation issue aside, not as bad as the war– fewer people killed, and over a good deal quicker.  Not an easy attitude to foster, but it makes for less moaning.

Yesterday’s pen, as should have been:  Parker VS
Yesterday’s ink, but for my error: Noodler’s La Couleur Royale

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