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Posted by Dirck on 18 March, 2011

This being a truncated Friday, I merely state some valuable antics of my son:

First, he is apparently a better man than his dad in the area of vegetables, having last night pushed people out of the way to get at steamed pea-pods and the night before happily devoured about a third of an uncooked bell pepper.  Good job, that lad.

Second, he appears to have become something of a good citizen.  He insisted upon putting away all his toys before we could leave his maternal grandparents’ house, which is an astonishing display of personal responsibility in someone twice his age.

I wish I could claim some powerful parenting skills.  It seems to merely be the way he’s developing.  Not unlike a lottery win for ma and pa, and I bore the world at large with this small domestic bonanza as a reminder of the truly important aspects of life pro bono publicam.  If a deeply obsessed nut-job such as myself can see the truth in that, how strong then is that truth?

Today’s lucky pen: Parker Challenger
Today’s proud ink:  Quink Washable Blue

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