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Doin’ it by the Numbers

Posted by Dirck on 9 March, 2011

Before I get underway properly– the weather today is not something to complain about!  All I can really get upset about in that regard is that the uncommon amount of snow combined with the sun’s angle makes snow-blindness a real and present menace.  But I’m not shivering, so I don’t care.

On, then, with the excitement promised yesterday.  An age ago, somewhere in the back pages of this enterprise (I can’t find it through the search function, and I don’t expect you to look for it, so please take my word for it), I threatened to do something to slightly rationalize my pen choices.  This was back when I was using a different pen each day, and it was something that would have enhanced my life immensely… but of course things that enhance your life immensely never arrive in time.  The something I was going to do was to set up a spread-sheet, to establish objectively which pens have been used and which are wanting for use.


…there is it.  This is the surprising head of the list, as arranged in descending order of use.  Surprising, because I really didn’t think I used the Lamy 2000 that much (by the way, the full week of using that pen was only counted as one instance), and that Parkers had gotten that much more use than Sheaffers.  I repeat here the notion I mentioned previously that memory is a fallible instrument and not to be entirely relied upon.

Which is why I persisted in this little exercise.  There’s a couple of things that I have avoided using because “Oh, I just used that” which appear on the list once.  There are some weekend uses that didn’t get catalogued, which are probably throwing off my perception, but if my well-loved readers didn’t see it get used, it was in a certain sense not used at all.  I will mention that my various Vacumatics all got used with the same frequency, so in that particular subset I am at least democratic and regular.

This week’s choices were not driven by the new list, and not all future choices will be.  I’ve got some cartridge-based Wearevers that I’m not going to be stampeded into using just because the spread-sheet insists it’s their turn.  However, there are some interesting objects you may look forward to seeing that have yet to appear here… and how I’ve missed them I can’t tell.

Today’s relatively low-frequency pen: Sheaffer Imperial IV
Today’s ink:  Pelikan 4001 violet

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