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Seasonal Affective Mallet to the Occipital Bone

Posted by Dirck on 2 March, 2011

Well, I’m a little more in form today than I was yesterday, but still not what one could call a happy camper.  I had thought that I’d made it through the hard part of the year with spirits mostly intact, but February’s dropping of a third and fourth boot disordered me.

By way of example, as I awaited the descent into sleep on Monday night, I was pondering what pen I’d draw as the alternate for the week.  Yesterday’s choice was prompted by two heads– one, the entirely correct appreciation that Monday’s pen was in most respects a modern one (slip cap, cartridge/converter filling), and thus I should pick a vintage pen, ideally pre-1950.  The other head, and like so many second heads made of cardboard and quite unconvincing when seen in good light, was that I should leave Sheaffers out of the running since the pen I’d been using that day was a Sheaffer and I surely didn’t want to make it a one-maker week.

That’s right, folks.  The Parker 65, the one of the best pens Sheaffer made in the 1960s.  Sad, isn’t it?  At least I have, thus far, not confused ink and syrup, nor have I fallen to writing “your” when I mean “you’re,” so it’s not a complete loss of mental facilities.

The only response, sadly, is to continue taking in food and water and to mark with a certain nigh-clinical fixity the fact that each day is in fact three or four minutes longer than the previous one.  It helps that one is not creeping to and from work in inky blackness any longer.  We’re all in a pretty sorry way– my wife has started talking to the hares that gather about the bird feeder she supplies, to which I think I heard her say something about “rewards to those who faithfully do my bidding”, and I keep finding my son in odd places that only insane industry and mountaineering equipment should get him to.  We are not yet the Torrance family, but if the equinox finds us still in the grip of cold, there may be… trouble.

Today’s pen, an insufficient anchor to reality: Parker 65
Today’s ink… or is it syrup?:  Skrip blue-black

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