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Deferred Satisfactions

Posted by Dirck on 24 January, 2011

It is, of course, an age of instant gratification.  I’m sure there are some that would hold that not only is patience not a virute when awaiting a desire’s fruition, it is outright perverse.  I can even bring myself to understand that position (recalling the tiny willpower show in the face of a mound of chocolate derived from some fattening holiday or another).  However, sometimes the timing is out of one’s hands, and sometime it is just one’s inclination the suggests a lacuna between itch and scratch.

I have to think my father is in the latter camp.  I delivered his shiny new birthday pen a week ago last Saturday.  I discovered on arriving from the big family Sunday dinner that he had only just that day put any ink in it.  He and my mother were alive with admiration (yet more fans of the TWSBI product), so the long build-up did not produce any kind of disappointment through over-inflated expectations.  This is a trick I’m sure legions of Star Wars fans wish George Lucas could have pulled with Episode One, but as I don’t actually know how it was achieved in the instant case, I’m not in a position to offer advice.

I find myself forced into a position of not merely delayed gratification, but a protracted delay with a marked element of teasing.  A couple of weeks ago I ordered a pen from a well-reputed online source, taking advantage of the relative strength of the Canadian dollar and the fact that I still had some Christmas mad-money in hand.  The pen was a Waterman Carène, a very swoopy and stylish pen, the owners of which seem to be mad with delight about.  To further my efforts at enjoying pens with other than a fine point, I asked that the supplied medium point be replaced with a stub.

On Friday, the pen arrived, its ultramarine laquer finish glowing in a way pictures didn’t hint at… and medium point in place.  A great internal debate ensued, a conflict between the desire to have what I had asked for, the urge to use this confection right now, and the highly traditional Canadian inclination to suck up disappointment, take what we’re given, and apologize for having expected otherwise.  Strangely, the first of these elements won out.  Over the weekend, I made arrangements with the seller (who I do not refer to by name, lest the pessimists in the audience take this small lapse of attention as an indictement of a very fine fellow) and the typing of this entry started only after seeing the pen into the hands of Canada Post for a return to France.

Two weeks going.  Two weeks returning.  Patience is a virtue.  I am in no way an idiot for not having given in to the temptation of immediate use.  Right?

Today’s pen (which, I reflect, was also a while between “I want” and “I’ve got”): Lamy 2000
Today’s ink (also had to await delivery… interesting co-incidence):  Wancher Matcha (green)

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