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Cabin Fever

Posted by Dirck on 20 January, 2011

This is a little earlier than one likes to feel the onset of the Winter Dysphoric Syndrome, but only a little.  February is, traditionally, the spikey, injurious tail in the dinosaur which is The Dark Season, dealing a few final insults as the brute is lumbering away.  January is the stomping feet, though, and if you’re not paying attention you can get very badly hurt.  -33 leaving the house this morning, with a wind chill of -42.

The effects are interesting to ponder.  My son, for whom the winter to day counts as ten percent of his lifetime, is clearly going mad from the confinement.  It’s a jolly, Jack Nicholson style madness, but that sort of thing is really only entertaining when the perpetrator is on the far side of a movie screen.  We don’t have any axes around the house, so he’s no more than tiring.  His parents are mainly just mopey and anxious for some sunlight, apart from the parenting exhaustion.

We are trying to buoy one another up under the effects of the season, mainly by trying to shoo the other one off to engage in hobbies and passtimes while shouldering (frequently quite literally) the burden of our wee lunatic.  Last night it was my turn to get the benefit, and it was a very productive hour– pens cleaned, pens resacked, and I finally came to terms with the Fountainbel Triumph Point Remover.  This is not a gizmo so much as a set of gizmos meant to get the strangely-attached point off of a Sheaffer vacuum-filling pen with the Triumph point.  My practice object has been an apparently pedestrian black Statesman with damage to the ends that makes one think that an armless person was holding it in his mouth and trying to drive in nails with the cap– I couldn’t do much more damage to it.

Having at last succeeded in getting the point off, I find that the body was so full of ink I could not tell that it was a rather more interesting striated body, having the black plastic alternating with clear as in this open-point model.  Now I want to try and recover not just the function, but the cosmetics.

Cabin fever, in my case, takes the form of  (yet more) obsessive behaviour.

Today’s pen, whispering tauntingly about the warmth of summer:  Parker Duofold
Today’s ink, even now considering recreational cannibalism:  Herbin’s Lis de Thé

…and just for fun, the forecast is for -4 (that’s minus four!) overnight, with a noon-time temperature of -15.  Even the weather itself has gone a little astray in its wits!

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