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Doesn’t that Cap All?

Posted by Dirck on 12 January, 2011

This past weekend, my happy tribe was out realizing some of the gift certificates we got for Christmas.  One of the stops was a clothing store where I have in past gotten some acceptable shirts (with one notable lapse), and I thought I could do with a few more to round out the wardrobe.  While there, I found a reasonably nice autumn-weight cloth cap, very like the first picture on Wikipedia’s page about the item.  I’ve been thinking about getting one, as it would give me a more casual option lying between fedora and lunatic hatlessness.

Ah, but… the size tag in each reads “O/S”.  Not “operating system,” nor a common scatological oath (although that’s what came to mind), but a serious contraction of “one size fits all”.  This phrase has recently been amended in line with truthfulness to “one size fits most”, which may be understood as “if you’re not in the tall part of the bell curve, bug off.”  In a fit of optimism, I plopped one onto my 7 7/8 melon, and very nearly tipped over with surprise.  It fit!  It not only felt like it fit, but my wife confirmed that it sat on my head like a hat ought.

The one I tried was a light grey rather than a dark grey, though, so I replaced it and took the more pleasing colour.  And did not try it on, like a dummy.  One size, right?  That one fits, so this one will also.

So, of course, on arriving home and trying the hat on, I find it perching on my head like a tea cozy on a hairy Zeppelin.  That’s no good.

Last night I returned the hat, explaining the sequence of events.  “You’d like to return that, then?” asked the shop assistant.

“Only if I can’t find one this colour which fits.”

“But… it’s one size.”

“So it says.  I’m going to check all the same.”  I discovered a smaller one, a much smaller one, and one which fit.  I left with it, leaving behind me a shop assistant who clearly didn’t believe that there was any difference in the one I’d left and the one I took.

I’m not sure how to react to this.  I’m rather put out about the hassle of having to trudge to and fro in this pursuit, but that is balanced by happiness at the thought that there is sufficient human involvement in the production of these caps for there to be substantial variation in the sizes.  I’m apt to lean in the merry direction, since I’ve got my cap.  On that note, I’ll put a lid on it.

Today’s pen:  Waterman Phileas
Today’s ink: Pelikan 4001 Violet

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