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What did I say about resolutions?

Posted by Dirck on 30 December, 2010

Did I not repudiate them?  Perhaps not, but I certainly suggested that I don’t believe that they are generally worth the amount of air that goes into their pronunciation.  As I mentioned previously, the resolution and in particular the New Years’s resolution tends to have a whiff of the old cilice about it, and we humans are so given to self-indulgence where the possibility exists that self-denial is tantamount to self-deception.

However, I’m actually going to utter another resolution here.  Unlike the previous one (which is sticking so far), this is not a matter of self-denial, but rather a behaviour I intend to adopt.

Amongst my correspondents is a circular exchange of journals.  The other members of this circle are, by pure accident, all men.  Their example is moving me to undo a weakness of mine, because in the latest volume to arrive… pretty much all of them have used unrepentantly purple inks.

Yes.  As much as I frequently fill up with Poussière de Lune, I don’t really use purples.  Poussière de Lune is a very muted colour, coming across to a casual glance as sort of generically dark.  Purples proper I have a mental block towards, which I burlesque slightly in a previous entry.  For reasons that have no proper foundation, I withdraw from it as a feminine colour.

This is stupid on many fronts.  As I mention down that last link, historically purple inks are a perfectly acceptable alternative for a chap.  I am living in the mode of a historical chap, wearing a fedora and a tie-clasp, so why to I shy away from a mere colour?  Stupid!

I have the example of these other fellows, who seem able to approach various purples and violets without a qualm.  Am I to cower where my peers march along untroubled?  Stupid!

I am not particularly concerned with matters of gender identity.  Check this out:

I’m obscurely pleased at this evidence of online androgyny– it supports my leveling notions regarding the essentially human nature of both sexes.  Certainly, in person, the 185cm tall person with a beard and a size 52 jacket  is unlikely to be mistaken for a girl, so it’s not like I’ve been forever struggling to assert my masculinity.  It’s not something I’m concerned about in others (the only reason I worry whether at length my son will prove straight or gay is the tough row the latter still have to hoe even in this relatively enlightened time), and it’s not something I generally worry about in myself.  So, again, why the ink issue?  Stupid!

Therefore, I am resolved to do away with this unbecoming behaviour.  If anything is unmanly, it’s letting irrational fears drive one’s behaviour.  I am setting down a welcome mat to purple inks.  Let the chips fall where they may!

(Utter silence follows)

Today’s quite burly pen:  Soyuz thingy (EDIT: I previously apologized for having not page on my site for this pen; now I do)
Today’s perfectly gender-neutral ink:  Herbin’s Violet Penseé


4 Responses to “What did I say about resolutions?”

  1. I think that you will find a number of quite “manly” purple inks out there. After all, remember that purple was once a color reserved for the king.

  2. […] The latter resolution imposing purple ink hasn’t been thoroughly tested, but this morning I was looking at a monthly calendar of Regular Job notations today, and the Pelikan purple most recently used was not standing out particularly.  I think I may have extinguished this unfortunate habit of thought. […]

  3. […] owe a couple of letters, though, and perhaps I’ll informally apply myself to the endeavour.  No resolutions, no oaths, but a simple “let’s see how I get on.”  I’ll be happy to get […]

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