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Done for another year.

Posted by Dirck on 23 December, 2010

The Christmas shopping, that is.  My wife is rather hard to buy for, primarily because when shopping is possible she is more frequently right there with me.  This lunch hour has cured that, and helped to deal with some of the extra calories the season entails.  Shortbread, egg nog, diverse chocolates, and I’m now fascinated at the prospect of Buttered Beer, which Harry Potter connections aside evidently gives one licence to simply drink melted butter.

I will also note that today’s short entry is apt to be rather more satisfying than what appears Monday and Tuesday of next week.  I have days off The Regular Job, and as usual, if I don’t need to distract myself from the siren call of eBay with a stream of consciousness exercise I tend not to worry about this enterprise.  Home, even if not post-Christmas, is well supplied with distractions.

Today’s pen to fill in the To line: Eversharp Skyline Presentation Demi
Today’s ink which doesn’t half take its time drying: Mont Blanc Racing Green

p.s.– that egg nog recipe I’ve linked to is good, but you might replace the some of bourbon in it with a similar volume of rum.  Dark rum.  Flavour is important.

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