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Colour Me Goofy

Posted by Dirck on 25 October, 2010

This weekend was mainly devoted to vacuuming and otherwise arranging the house to avoid a guest spot on Hoarders or Buried Alive, with a breif run out into the world to see what we might turn up in the way of Hallowe’en fun.  The discoveries in this direction were limited, as although we did find a couple of stores with gratifying devotion to the funnest day of the year we also discovered that a pre-made Hallowe’en costume for a someone between 24 and 30 months of age costs about $50.  We will instead exercise our creativity somewhat for our son’s first (and extremely limited) outing.

While at a local arts supply store collecting some Fimo from which my wife can make some accessories for her projected costume, I slightly undid some of the aforementioned effort to forestall a visit from Kim and Aggie— I bought some ink.  That, plus some ink which arrived in the mail on Friday, brings the total of bottles for the week to six.  325ml of ink, enough to fill a small soft drink bottle.  I’m sure this will help with the minutes of indecision I face each morning regarding what the day’s colour should be.

What, then, did I get?  The local store had apparently gotten in a shipment of Pelikan inks in the largish 62.5ml bottles, and from these I picked out brown and violet.  The latter I am trying to bring myself into liking– it was a perfectly acceptable colour for a chap to use in the 1940s, and several of my correspondents don’t scruple to use it, so why should I hesitate based on vague modern expectations of it being a colour for middle school girls and fellows in the entertainment industry?  Likely something to do with not quite having severed all ties with current society, I suppose.  The brown is a little ruddy but otherwise good, although I am impressed with the cheek of Pelikan’s ink-naming branch:  “Brilliant Brown”.  I like brown inks, but it’s not a colour I’d apply that description to, really.  “It twinkled with the brilliant brown of a glistening….”  No.  I’m not finishing that thought.

The other inks are an interesting combination of glee and disappointment, which I will define in more depth later, as I see my clock is winding down for this lunch-hour.  The brand is Wancher, you can find them on eBay, and if you’re absolutely alive with impatience to order them before I explain my misgivings, you probably won’t be doing any lasting damage to either pocket-book or pen getting some.  The colours are nice, too.

Why, though… why do I buy yet more inks?  Even more baffling that I have bought yet more slight variations on colours I already have in abudance.  I can now devote time I might have put towards a nutritious berakfast wondering which of several just-distinguishable blues to put down a pen.  If I were looking for sinister explanations, which at the end of October is my default setting, I might look towards some kind of mind-control ray, or the early stages of zombie infection.  Perhaps next Sunday I will lurch from house to house, my son and his candy bucket in tow, moaning at each door–


Today’s deranged pen:  Parker Vacumatic
Today’s mad science juice:  Pelikan Brilliant Brown (guard your eyes!)

5 Responses to “Colour Me Goofy”

  1. An utterly off-topic post-script: As much as I dread the impending arrival of winter (dread, this year, rather than merely dislike, and I’m not sure why), some relatively seasonal rain last night brought with it the smells of fresh earth in such abundance that one might imagine lying in the hollow left by a recently fallen tree. It was hard to come in out of the rain last night, as the scents were more in line with the end of hard weather than the start of it.

  2. SheilaM said

    Hmmm…I’ve been eyeing the Wancher inks. Maybe I should wait and see just what those misgivings of yours are!

  3. […] of generically dark.  Purples proper I have a mental block towards, which I burlesque slightly in a previous entry.  For reasons that have no proper foundation, I withdraw from it as a feminine […]

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