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Seasonal Viewing

Posted by Dirck on 22 October, 2010

If you look back at October of last year, you’ll see me going on at some length about the strange joy I take from Hallowe’en.  It being my short Friday post, I’ll take a moment to add a movie suggestion that I think will enhance your lead-up to the special day.  I was lucky enough to have some son-free time in the past week to look at The Burrowers and I highly recommend it, although it may be the exact opposite of a feel-good movie.  That link goes to a reasonably spoiler-free review, and if your local video shop hasn’t closed up due to competition from the wholly-inadequate Netflix (it does not offer The Burrowers, but suggests The Borrowers as a valid alternative which it is not) it likely has a copy since it was an indy horror film and thus apt to be cheap to stock.

Today’s slightly spooky pen:  Lamy 2000
Today’s somewhat spectral ink: Herbin’s Poussiére de Lune

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