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Year of the Tiger?

Posted by Dirck on 30 September, 2010

I don’t have the heart for much of an entry today.  Miranda, the cat whose health was a large component of the entries for the end of August, was in at the vet yesterday to get her teeth looked at, and about an hour after yesterday’s posting I got a call about her.  What looked like the puffiness of an abscess turned out to be a well-advanced maxillary tumour.  She’s unlikely to last a fortnight.  I am not in the mood for jolly banter.

I do want to pose a largely rhetorical question before shutting down for the day– what was it in 1998 that predisposed cats to an early end?  The other cat we lost this year was born in that year, as was the one who passed away at my in-laws house last week of the very same sort of malignancy which afflicts Miranda.  That’s not any more than middle-aged for cat, and they were all well-coddled cats as well, kept indoors and on a reasonable diet which as far as I know was free of pitchblende and radium.  I don’t expect an answer, any more than one should to the usual, tearful, “Why?”

My wife was quite shattered yesterday, but is more or less back on her feet today.  The Regular Job, happily, is quite understanding, so when three hours before close of business, I rolled the top of my desk closed, returned my pen to its well, and called “Cat emergency!” as I put on my hat, nothing was said other than condolences.  It may not be the very thing I want to be doing, but there’s far worse places to work.

And now I’m rambling.  That’ll do.

Today’s pen: Wahl 326
Today’s ink: Noodler’s Tulipe Noir

8 Responses to “Year of the Tiger?”

  1. I so sorry to here about your sweet Miranda.

    • Thank you. The best part of this final phase, if I may be ironic, is that the need to put pain medications into her means that she now distrusts any efforts at simple affection. Not a complete mistrust, hooray, and since I’ve taken on the role of medicator, she doesn’t flee from my wife’s cuddles.

  2. Nemo said

    Very sorry indeed to hear this.

    • Nemo said

      PS: The latest Mobilis Ink Mobili entry, which discusses cats, was posted before I read your latest.

      • Never fear. I don’t take much of the interwebz personally unless it’s clearly directed, and will still cry, “Wretched brutes! Stand from under my feet!” at the others. With love, of course, but they have that way of moving only towards a descending foot….

        edit Then some hours later he actually read the entry in question, and wonders how anyone could think to take offence at such well-composed and -expressed thoughts in which cats co-inkcidentally figure? Some people become deranged with grief, I suppose.

  3. Biber said

    My heartfelt condolences on the prognosis for your beloved Miranda. I know all to well how much a cat can become as much a part of a family as a child. I know you will cherish the moments you still have with her.

    All the best


  4. Zena said

    Thinking of you.

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