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It’s the Muse’s day off.

Posted by Dirck on 24 September, 2010

I might as well have spent the past day in a stasis tube for all I’ve got to contribute today.  I’ll mention that the weekend will see me applying some of the new piston-rubber I’ve mentioned to needy pens, assuming I can convince them to give up their sections, and that it’s sunny for the first time this week.  Perhaps it’s the sudden appearence of vitamin D in my system that’s got me confused.

While I pull myself together, why not read a little item about the modern age of distraction, as a distraction from the modern age?  I’ll try to return my synapses to firing over the weekend.

Today’s largely idle pen:  Parker 51
Today’s placid ink: Pelikan 4001 blue-black
…which is exactly what I was carrying on Tuesday, and it didn’t see a lot of use then, either.

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