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Diamond Seal 1.5

Posted by Dirck on 22 September, 2010

Gosh, that title sounds like some kind of game sponsored by Tom Clancey, doesn’t it? Mentioned in yesterday’s mad flail of an entry, I got something neat in the mail…

Little pieces of rubber! Oh, boy!!

The reason this is exciting is that they are the replacement seals for the Diamond 530, which in its big splash appearance here in July I mentioned as being in need of. Here sits the pen with the new parts and a nice little free bonus– a TWSBI button.

As you can see, I replaced the Fuyu-Syogun that was in it in July with some Herbin Violet Penseé, being more festive.  You will also see that there are two of the new seals.  Why-for?  I speculate, but I think in the nature of TWSBI, there was an urge to make up for any disappointment the bum seals (version 1.3, it seems) may have caused.  More stuff is generally thought of as better, so here’s two triple-tested and ready for action, along with an odd item of pen ephemera.  There is probably also an understanding that may people are afflicted to a greater and lesser degree with fumblefinger, and sending two means the pen owner can get back to writing without serious delay even if the effort includes seeing a seal vanish into a heating register or go down a cat.  If, as in my case, no mischance befalls the replacement, there’s one on hand for the distant day when regular cycling of the filler eventually wears the seal out.  The little plastic tube the seals came in is just small enough to store in the understory of the pen’s box, along with the rest of the maintenance kit.  Magna cum laude for wise planning, TWSBI.

A quick close-up of the actual problem with seal 1.3 is in order, too:

You see how the ink has slunk in around the pointward part of the seal.  While there are only a couple of reports of the tailward seal also letting ink through, it is rather nervous-making.  Seal 1.5 has a much wider contact pad at both ends, the front one appearing though the wall of the pen to be 1.5mm across, which is rather more than double the width of the one in the picture.  It doesn’t sound like much, just a dime and a half, but the effect on one’s comfort level while carrying the pen is orders of magnitude greater.

Installation is dead easy, too, so if you’re still waiting for your 1.5 to show up, you can relax in the knowledge that it’s the work of perhaps 10 minutes to get it in place, including the cleaning out of whatever ink you might have been using.  I’m not just speaking as a guy who has regular spasms of pen repair, either.  I think most people with full command of their thumbs will have little trouble with this.

Since I seem to be arrogating myself a role as unpaid advertiser for TWSBI, I’ll add a link to their blog, which an item of paperwork in the envelope mentioned.  This will be a permanent feature in the side-bar, too, for those aquiver to find out when their vacuum filler is going to appear.

I am contemplating staging a give-away of that button– in my pre-teen years, I was a bit of a button collector, which may prove that collecting as a general behaviour is a predisposition… perhaps it’s time to think about that Psych masters’.  Currently, however, I’m not too hot on buttons (yes, that is a sad pun.  Please don’t point), and yet another item of clutter in the house is not very welcome.  I hesitate because it is an item of ephemera from the very earliest days of what promises to be a cracking good pen manufacturer, and I’d hate to do the equivalent of idly throwing out a Waterman watch fob.  A few days of contemplation won’t do the matter any harm.

Finally, a semi-rhetorical question for the physiologists in the room– how is it that sitting for eight hours in a somewhat uncomfortable chair makes one’s knees hurt?  I understand why, after yesterday’s seminar, my hips and back might hurt, but my knees?  That’s over-egging the agony batter, frankly.

Today’s pen: TWSBI Diamond 530
Today’s ink:  Herbin Lis de Thé (not as festive as the Violet, but I’m less hesitant to take it out in public)

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