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Can We Blame Wikipedia?

Posted by Dirck on 17 September, 2010

I was at a rum-tasting last night– eight tiny glasses with several drops worth of expensive and relatively exotic rum in them, a score sheet, and… an oppressively long lecture on the history of rum.  Well, not rum so much as sugar cane, the triangle trade and the English navy’s role therein, and some minutiae of distillation.  Apart from demanding 45 minutes of attention while rum sat beckoning, the whole talk was poisoned by one item of historical interest– we were informed that sugar cane was introduced to Haiti by Christopher Columbus in 1643.

If you’re having trouble seeing why that undercuts the validity of all else that was said, I will suggest the lightest examination of the last link in that paragraph, or indeed any book of reference including the chap.

So as not to leave for the weekend on a sour note, I will do another referral for a local business– today’s post-rum breakfast was blueberry scones from Koko Patisserrie, one of the various hints that our little prairie city is starting to get tolerably cosmopolitan, and they were utterly delicious.  The prices are slightly higher than the average for baked goods, but they’re quite worth it.

Today’s pen: Pilot Elite
Today’s ink: Skrip blue-black

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