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Brag, dad!

Posted by Dirck on 16 September, 2010

Nothing about pens today– just a little bit of domestic joy.  I mention my son in a recent entry as an impediment to my own pursuits, using the phrase “Tiny Tyrant.”  This gives a slightly skewed notion of our interaction, the distant father shouting around the stem of his pipe, “Can you not silence that infernal child?” while his harried wife rushes to gather up the offending child, perhaps, or maybe a Walter Mitty chap dreaming of nothing more than a quiet room of his own while a tyke in full riding costume applies spurs to make him scoot around a toy-littered room on his hands and knees.  In point of fact, my son’s interference with my progress tends to take the form of him looking at me in an entirely ingenous manner which provokes me to hug him until he giggles.  There are even occasional cheek-kisses, in deference to my European heritage.  I therefore give this entry over to a text version of pulling out my wallet and showing off pictures, to air out the proud poppa aspect of my nature.

Last night I stopped by the grocery store on my way home from The Regular Job.  Amongst the items brought home were two bales of a dozen double-size rolls of toilet paper– we were running out, and there was a two-for-one special.  Arriving home, I placed these papery masses on the floor to receive the flying tackle that is frequently my son’s mode of greeting me when I return.  That over, I turned to remove shoes and overcoat.  My son, ever interested in novelty, turned to examine the bales.

The lad enjoys the odd feat of strength.  It was no surprise when he picked up one of the bales and began to walk away with it– they’re bulky, but in simple terms of weight they’re well within his carrying capacities (there’s a plastic storage tub holding a 20-volume encyclopedia which he’ll occasionally push or pull from one side of his room to the other– a burly tyke indeed).  It was a substantial surprise to see that he was making for the bathroom with it.  Surprise was perfected when he stowed it in the correct cabinet, then returned and did the same with the second one.  All entirely unbidden.  Pretty good for someone not long past his second birthday.

So, there you have it.  I’m the father of the smartest, strongest kid in the world.  Just like every other father.

Today’s pen: The same Sheaffer Valiant as Monday.
Today’s ink: ” ” Noodler’s Walnut ” ”.

…because I misjudged how long it would take to make scones this morning and ended up running too late to engage in my usual pondering.  Or fate/karma was responding to yesterday’s entry.  You be the judge.

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