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The Arsenal of Literacy

Posted by Dirck on 14 September, 2010

An assortment of unmounted Lamy Safari points

You remember that scene in The Matrix, when in preparation for the rescue of Laurence Fishburne’s character from the hands of the film’s villains, there’s an exercise in perspective using rack upon rack of weapons?  This picture is my own pathetic version of that.

This year is the thirtieth anniversary of the Lamy Safari, and to celebrate that event I ordered in a set of points of diverse sizes.  I don’t want to contemplate the anniversary too closely, to be honest, as 1980 is the year I started high school and it makes it hard to maintain the illusion of immortality to consider the changes in the world and myself since that personal watermark.  The Safari persists very little changed, and in its relative stasis there is some comfort.

 Unlike Osmiroids and Esterbrooks, the points on the Safari aren’t technically meant to be interchangible.  However, they are extremely user-maintainable, so swapping points isn’t a big deal.  The trick is to work from the back, and some people find the best way to go is to slap a piece of Scotch tape onto the back of the point and using it as a handle to draw the point straight forward off its mounting on the feed.  I find that I can get a fingernail purchase behind the point and press it off that way.  I imagine after too many repetitions, the mounting points will wear and the points won’t hold snugly, but I’m not expecting the changes to be very frequent.

Some people will scratch their head at the prospect of having more points for Safaris than bodies to hold them.  This is a remarkably protean pen, appearing in a bewildering array of colours, clear “demonstrator” bodies, and an aluminum-bodied version called the Al-Star.  I don’t know if anyone has a comprehensive listing of all the variants of Safari, but I should not be surprised if there are dozens (edit— no definitive list found with a cursory Google, but this discussion of the matter goes on for 22 pages).  For my part, because they are really just different colours of the same thing, I’m content with a couple bodies to mount an assortment of points.  Given how many pens I’ve got, this may seem a strange stance, but if you consider how much space all those other pens must take up, I think you’ll start to understand my position.

You’ll notice that I’ve got points with two different finishes, dark and light.  My two pens of this line are of quite different natures.  The transparent Vista is well complimented by a bright, twinkling point.  My other one, which I mentioned in passing when relating my vacation earlier this year, is dark.  Dark.  If not for current trends, one might have called it villainous.  When I refer to the weapons racks at the start of this entry, my inspiration is lying quietly in my pocket, awaiting deployment:

Intimidating, isn’t it?  And at thirty, just entering the prime of active life.

Today’s stealth pen:  Lamy Safari (and there’s also a picture right there ↑)
Today’s subtle ink:  Pilot Iroshizuku Fuyu-Syogun

post scriptus:  I’ve just read this blog describing the horrid thing Amazon.com is up to.  I urge you to read it also.

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