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Weekend Diversions

Posted by Dirck on 10 September, 2010

I understand that there is a very strange person getting up to something silly and ill-considered in the south-eastern US tomorrow.  As I refuse to help him get atttention, since getting attention is all he seems to really care about, I will link instead to information about a person of the same name, who is Welsh rather than American, and who writes books rather than burn them.  Why all the links?  Mainly to help direct search-engine attention away from idiot Floridians who share their names with respectable members of British comedy troupes.  There are other Terry Joneses in the world, too, and I’m sure the majority of them would not like to have members of a major religion mad at them.

I do have some hope that the members of that major religion can see that this is the act of a very tiny minority and not reflective of the majority opinion, just like the events of nine years ago in New York are seen by sensible members of the middle Abrahamic religion as the acts of a small, angry, non-representative sample.  Alas, it is mainly the small, angry minorities that get up on their hind legs and shout about the need to do something about what the other small, angry minorities just did, giving us the cycles of stupidity that frequently pass for the history Terry Jones writes about.  Some people have a better perspective regarding what’s important, happily, and with them lies hope.

For my own part, being outside any of the Abrahamic traditions but an adherent and practicioner of Mannenhitsu-do, I’m just going to get stuck into some of the bonanza of clients’ pens which has materialized in the past few days.  I might get very busy indeed if some material for fabricating new seals on low-end piston pens (like this one) arrives.  Hopefully the small, (occasionally) angry minor in my house will let his Dad attend to his pens.

For members of the Esoteric Order of Dagon and the Church of Starry Wisdom, there is an entirely different thing to get monotheists with a narrow and humourless viewpoint upset happening on the west coast of the United States.  To outward appearences, an entirely harmless film festival, but who knows when the stars might be right?  I know I wish I could attend, and would if not restricted to the commonplace dimensions of time and space.

Today’s slightly and unintentionally ironic pen:  Waterman Crusader
Today’s placid ink:  Pelikan 4001 black

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